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So what is YouTube Lagu Iban?, YouTube Lagu Iban is an exposure for or local lagu iban not just for Sarawakian but whole of Malaysia (this is a main priority for YouTube Lagu Iban; and extra expose to whole world).YouTube Lagu Iban is main medium to recognize our local talent,artists and bands at Sarawak.

At YouTube Lagu Iban, we provide info/fuzz/gossip on iban artist's, band's and their latest new coming album or single's lagu iban. We believe that our local iban song "Lagu Iban" can be competitive with others music that well known today and can develop more creative and original iban song towards the future of iban music industry. 

Give it Thumb-Up for Our Local Iban Song (Lagu Iban) and Others Ethnic Music. Keep supporting our own local Lagu Iban and for the best of Lagu Iban Music Industry.

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Hi! DaraRumahPanjai DP here, Welcome and enjoy your stay here. Nothing special to share but just a dose of Sarawak Local Music. Do subscribes for latest issue and follow us for new latest fuzz on lagu iban on RUAI DAYAK MUSIC BLOG. The continues of my previous blog (YouTube Lagu Iban) that has been migrate to the another my main blog. Do follow me on RUAI DAYAK MUSIC BLOG for the latest info on our local artists and music. Read More>>

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